Thursday, June 07, 2007

Plan To Ban Music After 10pm

No More Parties After Midnight

How can the police be anything but totally annoyed by plans to introduce widespread noise restriction laws that could see musicians and music lovers getting busted for playing tunes above a whisper, two hours before midnight?

If this all becomes law, any person who doesn't like the family next door, can get on the phone to the cops because some teenager is playing music in their bedroom loud enough to seep outside.

Truly ridiculous, and over the top. As if the paltry number of police in New South Wales don't already have enough to do, now they are expected to be out arresting otherwise innocent people for such minor infractions?

Of course, it should prove a great way to broaden the DNA and fingerprint database, with all the extra, non-criminals being arrested :

Musicians who play their instruments after 10pm on a weeknight could face an on-the-spot fine of up to $200 under the legislation.

Under the proposal, residents whose sound systems are too loud after 10pm during the week can expect a knock on their door by police.

Parties that continue after midnight at weekends will also be shut down.

The law states a stereo or musical instrument is deemed "offensive" if it can be heard next door in a habitable room.

"We want to give the community the chance to have their say on how the Government can help make their neighbourhoods and communities more peaceful," she said.

"The current review will ensure our laws continue to reflect community standards on what degree of noise from things like amplified music, air conditioners, power garden tools ... are acceptable in residential areas."

It is estimated 1.5 million Sydneysiders are exposed to outdoor noise levels that affect their quality of life.

In a 2004 department survey, one in seven people said they had made a noise complaint in their lifetime.

And what about the people who use loud music to block out the sounds of ear-splitting jet airliners because they happen to live under the flight path?

It's pretty surprising to learn just how many people complain about noisy neighbours.

We really have become a bunch of truly intolerant dobbers.