Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dick Cheney Down Under - Part 2

Cheney's Posse Won't Be Forced To Hand Over Their Firearms After Prime Minister Intervenes

US Vice President Dick Cheney is about to arrive in Sydney, and key firearm laws have been over-ridden to allow Cheney's Secret Service army to keep their guns.

The NSW State Government had to rush through new gun laws oh so quietly last Friday so that Cheney could bring his dozens of armed Secret Service agents to Sydney.

Cheney, apparently, threatened to give Sydney the flick if his posse couldn't come to town fully armed.

The super-fast-tracked new firearm laws allow Cheney's Secret Service agents to use their own weapons on Sydney streets to protect the vice president from the thousands of war veterans, doctors, lawyers, teachers, office workers, nurses, homeless people, uni students, children, dogs and confused tourists expected to make up protesting crowds on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

The Howard (federal) government actually had to force through an urgent demand to the NSW government to change the firearm laws at the last minute, when it was revealed Cheney was considering skipping Sydney altogether if his posse couldn't step out on the town armed to their back teeth.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the firearm law amendments were "rushed through specifically for Mr Cheney."

The same specially gazetted gun permits will also be in effect when dozens of world leaders, including President Bush, hit Sydney in September for the Asia-Pacific Economic Convention (APEC).

Previous to last Friday, security details travelling with foreign dignitaries, such as Cheney, were forced to hand over any and all firearms to Australian Customs the moment they stepped arrive in Sydney.

But Cheney's posse can now cruise Sydney with an assortment of firearms and weaponry.

The law would even allow Dick Cheney himself to carry a shotgun, just in case he feels the urge to blow a few seagulls out of the sky.

Not that Cheney is planning to go on a shooting spree, but you never know what mood may strike the vice president.

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