Friday, February 02, 2007

Crocodile 'Catches" Man On The Run For Police

Deputise That Croc

Every time the police got close to the man's house, he would bolt into long grass on the edge of a crocodile infested Daly River, south of Darwin.

The police wanted to talk to the man about why he had, allegedly, breached his bail conditions.

But he always saw them coming, and he always pulled off the long grass disappearing act.

The police tried again last night, around 8pm, and again the man bolted to the riverbank. The police searched for him in the long grass, but no luck.

A few hours later, the man re-appeared at a neighbour's house. He had wounds to his head and one hand, the blood flowed.

He claimed he had been attacked and bitten on the head by a crocodile.

He is now in Darwin hospital.

The police can see the "funny side" of the attack.

Acting Police Superintendent Tony Fuller told ABC Radio the police wouldn't mind hearing from the crocodile. They might even have a job for it :

"The crocodile, we want to hire the crocodile...he catches them for us doesn't he?" he said.

Authorities say the man's injuries are not serious and he is in a stable condition.