Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Australian Music Is Rising Again

New Australian musician and singer, Rhyme. On the rise.

UPDATE, March, 2020: After a string of songs, DJing, remixes and experimental videos in the past few five years, catching attention but not big audiences, and getting near the point of 'Why Do I Keep Doing This?' Rhyme is now breaking through, with this video, hitting 1 million views in its first week of release.


PREVIOUS: Taking time recently to listen around to dozens of new Australian bands, singers, has been incredibly rewarding and exciting. The diversity of genres and levels of experimentation Australian musicians are taking on is breath-taking. Gut feeling says we're about to see a new wave of Aussie acts breaking internationally, but not just in US, UK, but across South East Asia.

Will be highlighting some of these excellent new Australian musicians and singers in the months ahead. Sometimes just a tease, with a follow-up later.

Here's one new singer definitely worth hearing now. Rhyme. Still only a few independent singles into her career, she is advancing rapidly as she continues to record, write and experiment. She's on Facebook here.