Friday, September 26, 2014

The Screaming Jets Plan To Record, Rush Release New Album For Mid-October

Dave Gleeson, 2011. Photo By Darryl Mason
 A few days after finishing shows for The Angels 40th anniversary, lead singer Dave Gleeson has rejoined his bandmates from The Screaming Jets in the recording studio to lay down a new album.

The plan, right now, is to record and rush release the new album, Atomic 47, in time for The Screaming Jets 25th anniversary national tour.

Most of the songs on the new Atomic 47 album are written by bassist Paul Woseen, with contributions from Gleeson, and Jets guitarist Jimi Hocking.

Gleeson has promised the new album will have a "classic" Jets sounds, something similar then to the band's debut 1991 album All For One and its 1992 follow-up Tear Of Thought, although only Gleeson and Woseen were in the band when those albums were recorded.

Gleeson has revealed one new song title so far, Smack In The Mouth.