Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Screaming Jets Paul Woseen Plays Front Row Sessions


Back in late 1990, early 1991, Paul Woseen's acoustic guitar and remarkable voice could be heard booming from The Screaming Jets HQ in Rushcutters Bay. Clement Street was a bit of an echo, and wind, chamber in a quiet neighbourhood, the music carried, but no-one ever complained about Paul playing.

Paul would play songs that would soon become Screaming Jets classics, Helping Hand, Think or Best Of You, all through a weekday afternoon. Even in its early, and extended, acoustic version, Helping Hand pulled passersby to a halt. Some of the most important songs from Tear Of Thought were written over that summer of 90-91. I've been waiting 20 years to hear Paul sing these songs again, just him and his guitar.

Paul Woseen will be performing acoustic versions of his songs from The Screaming Jets albums All For One and Tear Of Thought on Wed and Thurs night, November 21 and 22, upstairs at The Hive Bar, Erskineville, for the Front Row Sessions. Not to be missed.
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