Monday, January 30, 2012

Screaming Jets Grounded

The Screaming Jets could have announced a 'Last Shows Ever!' tour, like so many other Australian bands have done, and sold out shows in every state, made a decent amount of money.

But the band knows a 'Last Shows Ever!' tour would be bullshit. Like Powderfinger, the Jets will perform together again, but they weren't interested in lying to their fans. Of course there will be more live shows from the Screaming Jets. They'll play together again, they know it, and their fans should know it. But when? That we don't know.

Here's a clip from the last show (for the time being) by The Screaming Jets, at Summernats 2012. Keep the sound low, it's distorted as hell, but the stage perspective is interesting. At 10,000 plus, it's one of the biggest audiences the Jets have ever played to :

A few pics from the gig:

More To Come...