Tuesday, April 05, 2011

David Flint : Beyond Parody

Australian independence hater David Flint was so very, very pleased to learn the UK Guardian had decided it was time to re-embrace the British monarchy, he excitedly used this editorial to attack those who think Australia is mature enough to now exist without a foreign head of state, like most of the rest of the world :
"It is a knockout blow to the Australian republican movement – a mere shadow of itself compared with the formidable force it once was under the Turnbull-Keating ascendancy – as well as the minuscule United Kingdom, Canadian and New Zealand republican movements.

That respected voice of progressive politics, The Guardian, has returned to the monarchist fold.

Probably the leading English language quality newspaper of the left, The Guardian has renounced the republican agenda it vigorously endorsed in 2000. The newspaper had even challenged the law in relation to the succession.

The Guardian is the leading intellectual media source for Labour and similar parties in the sixteen realms over which The Queen reigns. This decision will have a considerable effect in these parties and beyond.

It will make it acceptable for ALP politicians to admit that they support the existing constitution. After all a large number of the 72% of Australian electorates which voted No in 1999 were held by the Australian Labor Party.

Some republicans hoped this declaration by The Guardian was just an April Fool’s day joke...
Did they, David? Did they?
....but there is no evidence of that.
No evidence....except for the fact the editorial was published on April 1.

What an hilarious old dickhead David Flint is.

He has since scrubbed the above editorial praising the Guardian from his website :