Monday, October 20, 2008

Just A Minute

Australian dads don't get much time alone with their kids, not during the week anyway.

"Right, son, the ads are on. You've got sixty seconds...."
"Oh, well, um, I was riding my bike and Jamie tried to..."
"Who's Jamie?"
"Jamie's my best friend. I told you about him on Monday, during our minute..."
"Yep, yep, Jamie. Keep going, you've got 50 seconds."
"I was on my bike and I was riding really fast past the new 7/11 and Jamie was on his bike and he..."
"What new 7/11?"
"It's near the train dad, I think you need to turn off the..."
"Tell me the rest, you've got 35 seconds."
"...........It's okay, it's not important."
"No, keep going, son. This is our time together. I want to hear what's been going on. You've got 27 seconds."
"...It doesn't matter...."
"Of course it matters. I'm sure it's very you. So you're on your bike, riding past the 7/11, the new one, and Jamie is on his bike and then what?"
"Nothing. I was just going to tell you..."
"Ten seconds left."
"Forget it."
"Nothing you want to tell me in seven seconds?"
"I know our time together is short, son, but I have to work really, really hard to pay for this new house, which is only going to increase in value, everybody on TV says so, so it's not time wasted. And I've been doing all those extra hours so I could buy up shares, like the prime minister said I should. The stock market will only keep booming, so it's not like the $50,000 I borrowed against the rising value of this house is going to suddenly disappear. In two years or so, in 2008, all this hard work is really going to pay off and we can spend lots more time together."
"Okay, dad."