Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hemp Grower Calls Judge "Morbidly Obese", Jury "Sheep"

A convicted alternative food, fuel and fibre farmer had his say in court, and outside the court as well :

Andrew Katelaris is being prosecuted for likening a jury to "a group of 12 sheep" after they found him guilty in March 2006 of cultivating nearly 50,000 prohibited plants. As the jury left the court room, Katelaris also said: "Regrettably, the next generation will suffer for your ignorance."

Katelaris is also being prosecuted for comments made outside the court after the conviction, telling the media: "Australia came to prominence with the sheep industry. Unfortunately a group of 12 sheep just lost a major new industry for NSW."

In court yesterday he described the judge as "morbidly obese", saying "his ego was bruised by the fact he could not stay awake" during the trial.