Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wanna Smoke? Get In The Cage

Are cigarette smokers at the footy now a "security" risk? The management at Sydney's Telstra Dome thinks they are. Any fan who wants to smoke at the stadium could once duck outside, not anymore. Now they're herded into a cage.

Once they're caged, there's no passouts, so fans can't go outside to buy food from non-Dome vendors while they're having a smoke. That in itself might explain why smokers are now being treated like cattle :

Dome management blamed the move on security fears, but fans said it was to force them to buy food inside the venue at inflated prices.

They said one doughnut seller had resorted to selling his wares through the smoking fences.

"It's like being at school and you've got to ask permission to go to the toilet," said one disgruntled fan.
(Fans) were unable to meet...friends arriving later to give them tickets, or to buy food outside.

"Why should you be forced to eat their horrible food? You don't have a choice."

Yes, it's always about security, isn't it?

Never anything to do with stopping all the people at a huge venue like the Telstra Dome from leaving the venue to buy food, drinks and water elsewhere, at far cheaper prices.