Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nobody Does A Movie Car Chase Like Australians

A whole load of proof below to back up that headline claim. And yeah, I've seen The French Connection, and Bullitt and the original Vanishing Point. They come close, but....

Metal Skin :

Running On Empty :

Mad Max :

Mad Max 2 :

Shaker Run :

Midnite Spares :

And, finally, two excellent chase sequences from 1980's The Chain Reaction. Though not credited, both car chases were directed in second unit by Mad Max 1, 2 & 3 director George Miller (as if you couldn't tell by looking at them) :

And without all those Australian car chases, you never would have got to see this piece of car chase art from Tarantino :

How long has it been since an Australian movie featured a car chase that comes within a fender kiss of any of the above? It feels like forever.